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Strong Tower Christian Fellowship
Love, Relationship & Service


 To minister to the physical and spiritual needs of you and your family and teach you the Word of God.


To be a Christ-centered church that strengthens families and helps you reach your full potential in Christ.

You’ll feed your spirit and nourish your soul. 


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we believe that teamwork is essential to our success. We recognize and respect the way God has called people to function—uniquely and in unity—within the church body.

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STCF Augusta is a vibrant church in Augusta, GA, with a strong focus on serving the community through various ministries. These ministries are designed to meet the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of individuals and families in the church and beyond. STCF Augusta offers impactful ministries that cater to various needs and age groups. These ministries include Worship and Music, Children’s, Youth, Outreach, Men’s and Women’s, Discipleship, and Prayer. Through these ministries, individuals can connect, grow spiritually, serve the community, and deepen their relationship with God.

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STCF Augusta is a dynamic church in Augusta, GA, that hosts a variety of engaging and transformative events throughout the year. These events are designed to inspire, equip, and connect individuals and families in their faith journey. STCF Augusta hosts a diverse range of transformative events throughout the year. From Worship Nights and conferences to community outreach, special services, seminars, youth activities, and missions emphasis, there are ample opportunities to engage, grow, and serve. These events inspire and connect individuals and families, fostering spiritual growth, building relationships, and impacting the community with God’s love.

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At STCF Augusta, there are various ways to join, serve, and connect. Attend worship services to engage in worship and receive teachings. Join small groups for deeper fellowship and spiritual growth. Explore volunteer opportunities and get involved in ministries such as worship, children’s/youth, outreach, discipleship, or prayer. Attend church events, participate in activities, and stay connected digitally. Seek pastoral guidance for personalized support. Take steps to gradually connect, serve, and build authentic relationships within the STCF Augusta community.

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